Timeless Wedding at Cabbana

Your wedding day will forever be one of your most cherished memories. It will be a day of excitement, optimism, solemnity and fun, a day to share your happiness and be true to your beliefs. It should bring together the most important people in your life in a meaningful setting, apart from everyday stress and trivia. That’s one reason why so many couples love the idea of a destination wedding. A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to step away from the everyday life and take time to really experience one of life’s great milestones.
Where luxury meets tranquility lays The Grand Cabbana.
While planning a wedding at The Grand Cabbana be prepared to be pampered with first-class service and cuisine. The Grand Cabbana provides an exceptional wedding planner service that is designed to help couples create their dream wedding. The property also offers intimate outdoor wedding receptions that are lit by natural light or under the night sky.
There are many options for exquisite wedding pictures and various pre wedding functions on the property. We make the family’s stay a memorable experience from the moment they enter.

The below itinerary will guide you about an ideal weekend at The Grand Cabbana:

Day 1:

Families welcomed with exotic cocktails followed by Hi Tea in our vibrant coffee shop Flavours. In the evening Batna & Mehndi with professional traditional singers at our elegant Silver Lounge along with a lavish buffet.

Day 2:

Breakfast at Flavours.
Chunni & Shagun ceremony (a ceremony that cements the engagement) followed by Lunch can be held at our Pyramid grill.
The evening functions of Jaago & Sangeet can be enjoyed at our exotic Pool side with a band, bon fire and BBQ.

Day 3:

The Grand day; we keep it for leisure.
After the Breakfast at Flavours, the families can enjoy the spa treatments and get ready for the evening while enjoying the swimming and lunch by the pool.

The Grand Cabbana caterers other weddings & Events.